Terms and Conditions of the Carrier

BIOMET – Passenger Carriage

GLOBAL BIOMET LTD. registered at the city of Sofia, licence No. 0421 for International Carriage of Passengers by Bus and Passenger Bus Carriages who publishes information on the site for the services it offers and provides information and renders the passenger carriage by bus service through the site.
Biomet is one of the transport companies in Bulgaria which guarantees to its clients fast, safe and comfortable travelling on the territory of the country. The company disposes of new, luxurious buses which demonstrate cutting-edge engineering achievements and cover all European standards for passenger carriage.
All company’s buses are four-star category according to the European standardization. A team of experienced drivers having the relevant qualification take care for the comfortable and pleasant trip of their clients.
1. Return, Rebooking 
Withdrawal from a trip – withdrawal from a trip shall be the return of the ticket without being used at all and before the date of the trip. In this case the carrier shall refund the following sums to the passenger:

  • When withdrawal was made at least 72 hours before the departure date – 90% of the ticket price;
  • When withdrawal was made between 72 and 24 hours before the departure date – 50% of the ticket price;
  • When withdrawal was made within less than 24 hours before the departure date sums shall not be refunded.

When withdrawal was made for the second direction of a round-trip ticket sums shall not be refunded. Rebooking of the ticket for another time and hour is only acceptable, should there are vacancies.
Revalidation an e-ticket – you may make a change of the date and time of the trip only, but not of the chosen route. A ticket may be rebooked solely at the company’s cash desks not later than 1 hour before the departure time provided there are available vacancies for the desired date and time. When rebooking a ticket sums shall not be refunded. ONLY ONE REBOOKING OF A TICKET IS ACCEPTED! Once rebooked, a ticket shall not be refunded! REBOOKING SHALL NOT BE PAID.
3. No-show Policy
No-show shall be considered upon the passenger’s physical absence or their arrival after the departure of the bus. In such cases the carrier shall not refund sums and shall not rebook tickets.
4. Departure or return time
The carrier shall consider 00:00 hours for the beginning of the selected date. Example: If you wish to travel on July 31st, against August 1st, at midnight, you should book for August 1st, at 00:00 hours.
5. Discount for Vivacom and BTC employees
The discount shall be valid for Vivacom/BTC employees only against the production of an employee card.
The same discount shall be applied for the passengers accompanying the employee.
6. Prices for children up to 7 years and children between 7-10 years
For children up to 7 years a copy of birth certificate may be requested.
For children between 7-10 years a student card may be requested.